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Purabi Trading can consistently make Jute Diversified Products i.e. Jute bags & jute handicrafts of superlative quality


Many companies make cars; but only Ferrari can make a Ferrari. There are many hotels, but only the Ritz is the Ritz. Being the best means going the extra mile and giving supreme attention to detail. Jute Products are a lot simpler than cars, but the principle remains the same. Many companies supply reusable bags but only Purabi Trading can consistently make Jute Diversified Products i.e. Jute bags & jute handicrafts of superlative quality.

We don’t pretend that our approach does not involve some additional costs. But our customers find that it’s worth it. Better materials means the product looks and performs better, which translates into more sales and happier customers.


We pay our workers above the going rate and operate a International standard Health and Safety regime. Many of our competitors, by contrast, pit manufacturers against each other to secure the cheapest price regardless of working conditions. Some of them do not even work with the audited factories they claim to use, making goods in sweatshop conditions instead.


Making bags involves many different processes. Most manufacturers subcontract at least some of them and so lose control. We do everything ourselves.

We weave our own cotton handles (so they are softer and stronger than others). We have our own lamination plant (so we can guarantee quality and degradability). We print everything ourselves and we stitch all our bags ourselves (these are too important ever to farm out).

There are only two things we don’t do, because these are highly specialised fields. One is weaving our own fabrics – we buy them direct from internationally recognised mills. The other is dyeing fabrics – we leave this to our good friend and immediate neighbour. He’s such a genius of the craft that we call him “the Professor”!


To make the best bags you need to choose the best ingredients. For example, the lamination in our lined jute bags is 100% LDPE, not the inferior polypropylene which makes it less flexible and liable to flaking and cracking. We are also the only Bangladeshi supplier to offer a degradable lining as standard – so the small amount of plastic involved does not linger in the environent.

We execute strict quality control on all materials entering our factory, and ruthlessly reject anything that is under par.


Printing inks are low pollution, water based, azo free pigments. These are natural pigments (vegetable or mineral) wherever possible.

Handles are yarn dyed: this means we dye the thread before weaving it into material. The result is a depth, consistency and stability of colour that cannot be achieved with the standard dipping procedure.

Most of our rivals use standard dyes which, especially with jute, tend to fade and even rub off. We use reactive dyes that do not run or fade. They cost a little more, but it is well worth it.

We use the PANTONE colour matching system to achieve the best possible result.


Purabi Trading bags are carefully packed, in single layers, in treble wall cartons so that they arrive in perfect condition. Other manufacturers interleaf bags in the carton which makes them crumpled on arrival.

Our bags are packed 50 to a carton which means the boxes are easy to handle and can be safely lifted by one person. Others shoehorn 75 or even 100 to a carton which crushes the contents, and breaches health & safety regulations, as the cartons can weight up to 25kg each

We have long-term logistical partnerships with world-class shippers and hauliers in Bangladesh. We also use award-winning couriers TNT, DPD, UPS, DHL and FEDEX . We work closely with them to ensure that goods reach you on time and in perfect condition.

About Purabi Trading

Purabi Trading is the leading manufacturer and exporter of jute shopping bags, Eco Friendly Jute Diversified Products and Jute Handicrafts. Purabi Trading is committed to the development of jute products and eco friendly promotional services that further the creation of an ecologically sustainable future.

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